Security Policy

How can you be sure that your credit card information is secure?

The security between your browser and ejazzlines is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When you shop and decide to make a purchase, ejazzlines presents a secure web form on your browser to enter your credit card information. Unless a merchant has a secure web server with SSL certification, your credit card information would travel in the clear from your browser to that merchants storefront. Merchants are required to have SSL certification for their web servers. These certificates are issued by Certification Authorities for enabling the web server for SSL to handle the secure path between the consumer browser and the web server. has SSL certification through its host Mountain Media and Moneris, among the web's leading online credit card processors. You can be sure that your purchases are transmitted in a secure environment.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for secure socket layer. A web server with an SSL certificate has a URL starting with https://.. The SSL certification ensures that the credit card data from your browser to the ejazzlines web server is passing through a secure tunnel. Another way to distinguish between secure and non-secure servers is to examine the lower right corner of your browser. If you use Microsoft Explorer look for a padlock, for Netscape users look for an unbroken key. Please note that only upon proceeding to checkout will your browser pass into the secure server.

What security is provided by ejazzlines for transmitting credit card transactions?

The communication between ejazzlines and Moneris is encrypted using Triple DES.

What kind of card validation does ejazzlines use? and Moneris follow the LUHN-10 formula to check every card number that is input. Credit card numbers are encoded with a "check digit". When LUHN-10 check is applied on the card number it yields the "check digit". This verifies the accuracy and validity of credit card numbers using the MOD 10 method and ensures that the input card numbers are not made up.

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