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Gilberto de Syllos
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Edition: Paperback Book & CD Package, Bass

Advanced Techniques for Bass in Brazilian Music by Giberto de Syllos is a compendium for electric bass that explains in explicit detail how to play in authentic fashion music in the Brazilian choro, samba, and bossa nova styles. Special playing techniques and percussive effects are explained as well, and the book concludes with nine full-length performance pieces with recorded accompaniment tracks.

"This book offers richely detailed basic and advanced instructions developed according to the highest of standards". - Sizão Machado

“Impressive technical virtuosity, extensive vocabulary of the Brazilian musical language and impeccable teaching…” - Carlos Ezequiel

“This is a great contribution as much to the technical study of electric bass as to the study of Brazilian music.” - Daniel Gohn

“Once again he has surprised us with the quality of the exercises, the clarity of the text and his high degree of knowledge of Brazilian music!” - Mário Féres

“Gilberto de Syllos, beyond being a brilliant musician, has confirmed to us once again his excellence in succinctly and clearly organizing more than a century of Brazilian music.” - Marcelo Onofri

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