Libraries & Educators

Our Music Educator and Library Service:

We have a program set up to work with educators, libraries and other institutional buyers. We have the most comprehensive catalog of big band, little big band, and combo arrangements, sheet music, books, scores, and more. Our catalog includes thousands of titles that are hard to find elsewhere.

Our goal is to provide a source for music where one can fill collection or program requirements with one stop. In addition to our website, we also publish printed catalogs with some frequency.

We supply music educators and libraries all over the world and offer:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Catalog of thousands of pieces of music (including limited-edition and rare imports)
  • Discounted pricing
  • Ability to complete purchase orders online without the need of a credit card.
  • Responsive and informed customer service.
  • High order fill rates.
  • Monthly new release bulletin by email.
  • Website with sound samples, score samples, and cover art.
  • Collection management and purchasing advice.
  • Approval and standing order plans.


We are pleased to offer discounted pricing to music educators and libraries. Please login (or create a new account) and then fill out the succeeding form. Once we receive that information from you, we'll set you up to automatically receive the discounted pricing on our website. Plus, you'll have the ability to place orders using a purchase order number - a credit card will not be required to complete your order (you may use a credit card if you wish).


In the future, upon visiting our website, please login with your email address and password. Once you do so you'll see the discounted pricing and have the ability to complete orders using a purchase order number.


In addition to the above, we are happy to provide quotes for your billing office.


We are confident that you will be pleased with our service and that your patrons/students will be thrilled with the selection that we offer. Please Create a New Library/Educator Account. We will be in touch with you shortly with information about our educational program. Thanks for your interest in us!