Non-Jazz Items

ejazzlines proudly presents a new category of offerings! Please rest assured that our focus will most certainly remain on jazz and jazz-related items. However, we have had many requests to offer popular items from other genres of music. As our main suppliers of jazz items are among the industry leaders in all kinds of music, we are taking the opportunity to offer a wider variety of books and DVDs to our wonderful customers. Please let us know what you think of this idea, and any other items you might like to see in this area.

We will initially mainly focus on new items which will be added on a daily basis, but we will also rapidly be building the catalog to include older and classic items. We intend to have a selection of everything from the Beatles and Nirvana to Korn and The Clash to the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift to George Jones and Hank Williams to Billy Joel and Elton John to Jay-Z and Eminem and far beyond, and there will also be some punk, reggae, and classical items as well.

For those folks looking for blues, funk, soul, and R&B items, for the most part these will continue to be found amidst our regular jazz listings.

Please check back regularly, as this area of our site will be expanding nearly as rapidly as our jazz catalog.