Recorded by the Duke Pearson Big Band
Arranged by Duke Pearson, Edited by Jeffrey Sultanof and Rob DuBoff
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Cat #: JLP-8159DL


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Straight Eighth Middle Eastern - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

A recording of 'Bedouin' appeared on Duke Pearson's first big band album. The chart was heavily edited for this recording, with a board fade during an improvised solo. In fact, this piece existed in two different versions; the one recorded was version 2. 'Bedouin' turns out to be a beautiful, unusual composition. It is always an unexpected pleasure to find a 'new' piece of music because the 'old' one was not recorded in its entirety, particularly one from such an underrated composer such as Pearson. This piece has a little of everything: woodwind doubles, brass in various mutes, and time signature changes. Yet this is not a difficult composition to play, and can be opened up for solos. Because there are parts of the piece where different mutes are used for each member of the brass, and there are mixed woodwinds, balance is a particular issue; each part should blend with the rest of the section, and individuals should compensate accordingly. If amplification is used, be careful so that no one individual section or part is emphasized.

Full Score
Reed 1: Flute/Alto Saxophone
Reed 2: Alto Saxophone/Clarinet/Flute
Reed 3: Tenor Saxophone
Reed 4:Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet
Reed 5: Baritone Saxophone/Bass Clarinet
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
Trumpet 1: C#6
Trombone 1: B4