Recorded by Glenn Miller
Arranged by Billy May, Transcribed by Alan Glasscock
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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement with Male/Female Vocal Duet and Backing Vocal Group

Description: Swing - Advanced

Publisher: Lush Life Music

Billy May wrote many outstanding charts for the Miller band, and this is one of his finest. The writing is moody, sometimes dark, but harmonically rich and full. It contains little of the trademark Miller syrup sax sweetness, yet is full of tension and emotional energy. The chart is scored for boy & girl vocal with a 4 piece vocal backing group and it won't work without them. Both altos double clarinet, and the solo trumpet fill-ins are written out in full too. This is not an easy chart to get right, but if your band has the talent to do it, your audience will really appreciate the result. The vocal key is F throughout. Style: Swing @ 95 b.p.m.


  • Trumpets 1-4: B5, Bb5, Bb5, E5
  • Trombones 1-4 :A4, F4, D4, C4
  • Vocal Key: F
  • Female Range: A3-F5
  • Male Range: A2-C4
  • TTBB Group
Full Score
Male Vocal
Female Vocal
Vocal Group [TTBB]
2 Alto Saxophones (Both double clarinet)
2 Tenor Saxophones
Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
Vocal key: F
Female vocal: A3-F5
Male Vocal: A2-C4
Trumpets 1-4: B5, Bb5, Bb5, E5
Trombones 1-4 :A4, F4, D4, C4