Arranged by Duke Pearson, Transcribed and Prepared by Dylan Canterbury
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Cat #: JLP-7584DL


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Edition: Jazz Octet Arrangement

Description: Latin - Difficult

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Duke Pearson's 1968 album 'The Right Touch' is rightly considered one of his finest efforts as a leader. Featuring an all-star lineup of horn players, a rock-solid and sympathetic rhythm section, and a brilliant set of Pearson's original compositions and arrangements, this album continues to hold up as an outstanding example of late 1960s hard bop.

Filling the role of the "funky" tune for the session, 'Chili Peppers' is one of the catchiest melodies Pearson ever put to paper. The arrangement is introduced by a brief horn riff before the rhythm section settles into a Latin groove that resembles a boogaloo feel without ever quite getting all the way there. The melody is stated in unison at measure 11 by Freddie Hubbard's trumpet, Garnett Brown's trombone and Jerry Dodgion's flute. The extended introductory rhythm section tag is re-used between A sections, with the bridge eventually coming at measure 35, followed by the final A section at measure 43.

Another extended tag sets up the solo section at measure 65. On the original recording, the first soloist is the unmistakably soulful tenor saxophone of Stanley Turrentine for two choruses (with backgrounds on the second chorus), followed by one chorus of Pearson's piano. After the solos, the melody is played through one more time before a vamp and fade ending.

This arrangement is written for octet. An optional guitar part has been included, as well as a separate sheet containing the chord changes for the solo form in Bb, Eb and C if you wish to open things up.

Full Score
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Guitar (Optional)
Trumpet: F5