Neff Irizarry
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Edition: Paperback Book & Online Audio, Guitar

Description: 196 Pages

The most comprehensive book ever written on Latin jazz guitar playing —
from its roots in Afro-Cuban music to the great contemporary masters!

  • Traditional lines from the Tres, cuatro and requinto adapted to the guitar in the style of Arsenio Rodriguez, Yomo Toro, El Güero Gil, etc.
  • Piano adaptations and solutions for the guitar patterned after Bebo Valdes, Clare Fischer, Eddie Palmieri, etc.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to play guajeos, montunos and other Afro-Cuban styles on guitar
  • Transcription and analysis of key guitarists, composers and arrangers such as George Benson, Chico O’Farrill, Clare Fischer, Stan Appelbaum, Cal Tjader and La Playa sextet
  • Stylistic analysis of highly influential guitarists such as Juanito Marquez, Paul Alicea, Sonny Henry, Edgardo Miranda, Carlos Emilio Morales, Bobby Redfield, Carlos Santana and Steve Khan.
  • Transcriptions and analysis of jazz guitar greats playing Latin music, like Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Attila Zoller, Danny Embrey and Steve Khan. And much more!
  • Over 250 audio files of the author playing each exercise! 196 pages.


 This is a great and much needed work for all guitarists interested in improving their ability to function in the ‘Salsa’ setting. We have great books on guitar voicings and improv over changes, and great books for Latin jazz pianists, but now we have Neff's book that fills the gap. I'm learning so much and can hardly wait for Vol. II”
— Randy Vincent

 A fantastic book! Without question, Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar will become the principal resource for the place and role of the guitar in Latin Jazz for the present, and well beyond into the future. The guitarists of today should have this book, and then GET TO WORK and start making great Latin Jazz recordings using all of the glorious rhythms and sounds of Latin percussion!”
— Steve Khan

 A beautifully written book. A real treasure of detailed information. Guitarists interested in learning the various rhythms and comping techniques in both contemporary and traditional Latin music will find this book to be indispensable.”
— Ray Obiedo

 Thoroughly researched and backed by vivid examples from its most important practitioners, this much needed study provides significant insight into the evolutionary role of the guitar in Latin Jazz. An authoritative guide for any guitarist wishing to incorporate the elements of Afro-Cuban music to his playing!”
— Richie Zellon

 Neff has filled an important void in Latin jazz guitar by compiling a mammoth wealth of information in a very organized manner, paving an easy journey for guitarists looking to expand their knowledge of Latin music and its intricacies. You have an incredible resource in your hands. A very important contribution to the whole jazz guitar community.”
— Jorge Laboy

 This work will make a significant contribution to the field of guitar study for generations to come. If you're interested in contemporary jazz, world music and the vast dimensions of authentic Latin guitar styles, this is the book for you!”
— Rick Peckham, Guitar Professor, Berklee College of Music

 Ay Caramba! What a delicious collection of Latin Jazz possibilities for the guitar! Neff Irizarry has built a book richly filled with great sounding essentials and then portrayed in context by the Latin Jazz masters. Beautiful sounding grooves: clave, tumbao, cuatro, and requinto come alive in examples drawn from Neff's own compositions as well as from the standard repertoire. The play-along tracks are inspiring as well as his technical suggestions: including how to hook up with the pianist, always a tricky subject!”
— Jon Damian, Professor Emeritus, Berklee College of Music

Neff Irizarry
Neff Irizarry is a guitarist, composer, educator, and author specializing in Latin and contemporary Jazz. He has a Master's degree from Berklee College of Music and is featured in Sher Music's “European Real Book.” Neff has performed with Eddie Henderson, Jimmy Haslip, Victor Mendoza, Brian Melvin, and Julio Romero, among others. Please visit his website for “Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar” instructional videos and access the 65 artist transcription tracks featured in the book.
How to Use This Book
Recommended Fingerings and Positions
Helpful Tips
Clave, Cáscara, and Tumbao
Guajeos and Montunos
Guajeo and Montuno Comparison Chart
Tres, Cuatro and Requinto Adaptations to the Guitar
Piano Adaptations and Solutions for the Guitar
How to Interact with the Pianist
Left & Right Hand Technique for Guajeos/Montunos
Traditional Styles
Influential Guitarists
Juanito “El Maestro” Márquez
Paul “Payo” Alicea
Sonny Henry
Edgardo Miranda
Carlos Emilio “El Gordo” Morales
Bobby Redfield
Carlos Santana
Steve Khan
Latin Jazz and the Jazz Guitarist
Improvisation, Transcription and Analysis
Chapter 8: Compositions and Play-Along Tracks
Play-Along Compositions
Play-Along Track List
Anthology of Influential Guitarists in Latin Jazz
Timeline of Selected Recordings
About the Author