The Comprehensive Guide
Marc Schonbrun
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Edition: Paperback Book, Guitar

Description: 390 Pages

The digital music revolution isn't just for keyboardists anymore. Guitarists can now get in on the action. Recently, the computer music world has exploded with plug-ins that emulate popular amplifiers and effects. Imagine having a virtual roomful of the greatest amps ever made, the ability to use any speaker cabinet you like, a wide selection of microphones, and a broad array of effects • all within your computer! And that's just the beginning. This book provides the guidance that guitarists need to get the most out of new digital technology. The book is designed for anyone who plays the guitar and is interested in using the latest technology to make music with it. If you're new to computer music, this book will explain all the terminology, help you find the right software and the best hardware, and then teach you how to use it. If you play the guitar and already own some home recording technology, you'll find out how to get the most out of your current setup. You'll also learn some of the cutting-edge technologies available today and how you can use them most effectively. If you play guitar and have always wanted to start recording at home, this book will show you what's out there, what you can afford, and most important, what skills you need in order to do it right.