Arranged by Henry Wolking
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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Fusion - Difficult

Publisher: Walrus Music Publishing

Style: Fusion. Instrumentation: 5 Saxes: 1 Soprano sax and Flute, 2 Alto Sax and Flute, 3 Tenor and Soprano sax, 4 Tenor and Flute, 5 Bari (no doubles).5 trumpets (5th on Flugelhorn). 5 Trombones, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums. Soloists: Soprano sax (Tenor Sax 1) AND Guitar. Ekhoes was written in the early 70s while I was a member of the famed NTSU 1:O'Clock Band. It was one of the first fusion big band charts ever written and was recorded on the NTSU (now UNT) Lab 71 album with other genre bending charts; Liferft Eath by Butch Nordal, Badi A Martyr by Jim Milne and my own Kenston, a reflection on the Kent State massacre. Ekhoes is as fresh and invigorating today as it was then. This Bitches Brew inspired chart has only minor orchestration changes from the original; 3 flute doubles instead of 5, and 5th trumpet on flugelhorn. This chart captures the essence of early fusion especially if you have a fender rhodes or equivalent keyboard. Trumpet 1 to written high F. Medium Difficult.

Full Score
Woodwind 1: Soprano Sax/Flute
Woodwind 2: Alto Sax/Flute
Woodwind 3: Tenor/Soprano Sax
Woodwind 4: TenorSax/Flute
Woodwind 5: Baritone Sax
5 Trumpets (5th on Flugelhorn)
5 Trombones
Trumpet 1: F6