Using the Double Pedal to Achieve Hand/Foot Equality for All Drummers!
Steve Fitch
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Edition: Paperback Book, Drums

Description: 128 Pages

A revolutionary new method that uses the double pedal for ALL drummers, helping their feet rival their hands with regard to speed, control and dexterity through the use of the F2F (foot-to-foot) system of footings.

Clearly graduated in three sections--For Feet Only, Hands and Feet Together, and Groove Studies, this unique approach helps drummers in all styles to improve their time, coordination, and stability on the drum kit by more closely equalizing the abilities of their hands and feet. It also helps double pedal players to develop the skills of today's top masters.

Lots of subdivisional shift studies to bolster reading skills and stimulate individual creativity and an extensive Foot Only section covering all of the major aspects of hand technique FOR THE FEET are also included in this very comprehensive book.

Intermediate-Advanced levels.

How to Use This Book
Pedal Technique and Foot Placement on the Pedals
A Healthy Seating Option
Notation Key

Section One: For Feet Only
Chapter One: Single and Loving It (single studies)
Chapter Two: It Takes Two to Tango (double strokes, paradiddles, drags)
Chapter Three: Three's a Crowd (threes and beyond)
Chapter Four: Accentuate the Positive (accent studies)
Chapter Five: Divided We Stand (subdivisional studies)
Chapter Six: Grace Under Fire (fl am studies)

How to Use This Book-Part 2

Section Two: Hands and Feet Together
Chapter One: Let's Get it Together (single subdivisions)
Chapter Two: Mixing Your Metaphors (mixed subdivisions)
Chapter Three: The Thunder Down Under (extended bass drum runs)
Chapter Four: Divided We Stand Part 2 (frequent subdivisional shifts)
Chapter Five: Feeling Odd (all manors of fi ves, sevens, and nines)
Chapter Six: Couples Therapy (double stroke studies)

Section Three: Groove Studies
Part One: Grooves with bass drum 8ths and 16ths
Part Two: Grooves with bass drum 32nds
Part Three: Grooves with bass drum triplets and triplet partials
Part Four: Grooves with bass drum ostinati
Part Five: 50 up tempo mix and match grooves
Part Six: Grooves with bass drum double stroke ostinati

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