Soloing Strategies to Free the Lead Guitarist
Fred Sokolow
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Edition: Paperback Book & Online Audio, Guitar

Description: 90 Pages

Every guitarist seeks to create unique, meaningful solos in their performances that match those of today's most revered players. It doesn't matter whether you play blues, rock, country, bluegrass, swing, folk, or pop music – these soloing strategies show you exactly how to break out of the “scale-jail” to unleash your artistic potential and become a versatile lead guitarist!

Celebrated author Fred Sokolow uses popular tunes and exercises to teach you how to play solos based on: open-position and movable chord/scale shapes • standard and artist-inspired licks • listening suggestions • and several more approaches. Each concept is demonstrated with solo guitar and full band audio tracks online for download or streaming – just the tools you need to help you break out of scale-jail and run toward soloing freedom!