Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald
Arranged by Frank DeVol, Prepared by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-9671DL


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement with Vocal

Description: Swing - Difficult

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Frank DeVol's arrangement of Goody Goody may not be as adventurous as some of the others that were recorded by Ella Fitzgerald throughout the 1950s and 1960s, but what it lacks in innovation it more than makes up for in hard-swinging fun.

This version was originally recorded in 1957 but released on Fitzgerald's 1959 album Get Happy.

The arrangement begins with a thumping, pulsing rhythmic figure in the trombones and tom toms with a gospel inspired saxophone riff. The vocalist enters with a somewhat ominous diminished re-harmonization of the final A section before the melody proper officially begins at measure 17. The saxophone riffs and brass hits should contrast one another in both volume and intensity throughout this section, and the overall feel of the ensemble should lean toward the relaxed end of the spectrum.

The brief ensemble section begins at measure 51. DeVol's original parts called for the ensemble to "wail" during this portion, and there could be no better word to describe the intensity that is necessary for this brief interlude. A scatted vocal break sets up the melody's re-entrance on the bridge at measure 61, followed by a key change for the final portion of the melody beginning at measure 69. The vocalist and ensemble engage in a playful game of cat-and-mouse beginning at measure 81, setting up the final full-power ensemble blast beginning at measure 87 and leading up to the climactic final chord.

This arrangement is for jazz big band featuring female vocalist. It is not a transcription - it has been prepared from the set of parts used during the recording session.

Full Score
2 Alto Saxophones
2 Tenor Saxophones
Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets
3 Trombones
Vocal Key: Eb modulating to F
Trumpet 1: E6
Trombone 1: Bb4