Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald
Arranged by Buddy Bregman, Prepared for Publication by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-6133


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Edition: Jazz Studio Orchestra Arrangement with Vocal

Description: Latin - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Cole Porter had a propensity for writing popular songs that broke out into longer, more elaborate structures, and In the Still of the Night is one of the finest examples of this approach in action. This Buddy Bregman arrangement was written for Ella Fitzgerald and recorded in 1956.

Fitzgerald's vocals remain front and center for the overwhelming majority of the performance, so the ensemble must stay out of the way at all times. Each section has its own unique accompaniment role to fill. The woodwinds lay the harmonic groundwork in a subdued, gentle fashion. The brass engage in some occasional rhumba-influenced muted fanfares to provide a little edge. The strings add a lushness to the proceedings via some sweeping lines that weave in and around the melody. The rhythm section maintains a steady, easygoing beguine tempo throughout. Combined together, these four sections make for a lovely underpinning for Fitzgerald's timeless vocals.

The woodwind section for the original recording was written for four clarinets and bass clarinet. Included are alternate saxophone parts so this may be played with a more traditional big band woodwind section (2 alto saxes, 2 tenor saxes, and baritone sax). In addition, included is a synthesizer part that may be used in place of the strings. The vocal key is C.

This publication was prepared using Buddy Bregman's original score - this is not a transcription.


Full Score
4 Clarinets
Bass Clarinet
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
2 Violins
Drum Set
2 Alto Saxophones (Alternate Parts for Clarinets 1 and 2)
2 Tenor Saxophones (Alternate Parts for Clarinets 3 and 4)
Baritone Saxophone (Alternate Part for Bass Clarinet)
Synthesizer (Alternate Part for Strings)
Vocal Key: C
Trumpet 1: A5
Trombone 1: A4