English and Spanish
Juanita Martin Newland-Ulloa
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Edition: Paperback Book, Piano

Description: 32 Pages

This introductory piano method is a long overdue musical text for those interested in encouraging bilingualism in children and adults. Many of the selected tunes are gems that most Latin American children grow up hearing as part of their idiomatic folklore. Also presented are some award winning originals by the author herself. Songs include Senora Santana, Ojos Azules, Mama yo quiero, Mi gallo and many others. Songs are chosen from many hispanic countries and they can be played as piano solos as well as played and sung simultaneously. Includes guitar/piano for those wishing to add in harmony when they are ready. English and Spanish.

Beginning-Intermediate levels.

Adios Muchachos (Farewell Companions)
Arroz con leche (Rice With Milk)
Buenos dias (Good Morning)
Canta Conmigo (Sing With Me)- Juanita Martin Uloa
Cuculi (Bird From The Amazon Jungle) - Cristina Ulloa
Dime La Verdad (Tell Me The Truth)
Do, Re, Mi
Do, Si, La
El Gatito (The Little Cat)- Cristina Ulloa
El Sikuri - Nayo Ulloa
Fiesta Aymara (Party Of The Aymara Indians)
Guantanamera (Woman from Guantanamo)
La Cucaracha (The Beetle)
Las Mananitas (Mexican Birthday Song)
Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks)
Mama yo quiero
Mama yo quiero (Mom, I Want)
Mariposa (Butterfly) Juanita Ulloa
Mi gallo
Mi Gallo (My Rooster)
Ojos Azules
Ojos Azules (Blue Eyes)
Senora Santana
Wow-Wow-Wow (Arf-Arf-Arf) - Juanita Ulloa
Yo Puedo Cointar de uno a diez (I Can Count One To Ten) - Juanita and Nayo Ulloa
Yo vendo unos ojos negros (I'm selling some black eyes)