Recorded by The Dave Pell Octet
Arranged by John Williams, Prepared by Dylan Canterbury, Jeffrey Sultanof, and Rob DuBoff
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Cat #: JLP-8599DL


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Edition: Jazz Octet Arrangement

Description: Swing - Medium Difficult

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Prior to embarking on his legendary career scoring films, John Williams made his name as a session pianist and arranger for a number of groups on the United States' west coast. This arrangement of 'Manhattan' was written for the Dave Pell Octet, and demonstrates all of the trademark sounds of that group while still throwing a few unique twists in.

One of said twists occurs right off the bat, as the introduction displays some of the polytonality that would become a hallmark of Williams' film scores. Once the melody begins at measure 9, however, things turn into a pleasantly mellow jaunt for the rest of the arrangement. The melody undergoes some subtle alterations both rhythmically and harmonically, but maintains an even-keeled temperament until an extended tag that begins at measure 39. The horns dig in a bit more at this point before the chart changes keys and opens up for soloists.

The first soloist up is tenor sax for half a chorus beginning at measure 47, with some subtle backgrounds coming in a few measures later. The second half of the chorus is handled by guitar beginning at measure 63, followed up by a half chorus of piano at measure 79. Baritone sax and trombone solos are prefaced by some more quick key changes at measure 95 and 103, respectively, before the second half of the melody, complete with extended tag, is copied from before, with a simple horn stab to bring the proceedings to a close.

This publication was based on the original parts used during the 1960 recording session - this is not a transciption.

Full Score
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet: C6
Trombone: F4