Recorded by Bing Crosby with the Andrews Sisters

Arranged by John Scott Trotter, Prepared for Publication by Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-9044DL


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement with Solo Male Vocal and Female Vocal Trio [SSA]

Description: Swing - Medium Difficult

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

NEW VERSION FOR 2022! Now based on the original parts!

Written in 1949, "Mele Kalikimaka" has been covered by a wide variety of artists over the years. Despite this, the version recorded by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters in 1950 seems to be the one that has withstood the test of time the best, making a number of notable appearances in pop culture over the years, perhaps most notably in the 1989 film "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

John Scott Trotter's arrangement is ultimately fairly simple in construction, consisting mostly of the melody being repeated four different times in total. The first time, at measure 9, features Crosby singing the melody by himself. The Andrews Sisters take over at measure 41, with the third time at measure 73 being split between the full ensemble for the first half of the melody followed by Crosby and the female trio for the second half.

A four measure ensemble interlude at measure 105 sets up the melody's final rendition. From measure 109 to 117, Crosby and one female voice sing the melody in duet. The second half of the melody is largely performed as a call and response between Crosby and the sisters, with the ending briefly tagged before one final ensemble figure brings things to a clean and crisp close.

This arrangement is for jazz big band with male vocal and female vocal trio. All woodwinds double on clarinet or bass clarinet; however, alternate parts are included for woodwinds 2-5 that avoid doubles (woodwind 1 doubles on clarinet). In addition, the arrangement was written to include both a slide guitar and regular guitarist. The slide guitar part may be played on regular guitar. But, also included is a divisi violin part so that these fills may be played on violins instead. Also note that the original arrangement was written for 3 trumpets and 2 trombones - optional trumpet 4 and trombones 3 and 4 parts are included.

This publication was based on the original parts used for the recording session - this is not a transcription.

Full Score
Male Vocal
Female Vocal Trio [SAA]
Woodwind 1: Clarinet/Alto Saxophone
Woodwind 2: Clarinet/Alto Saxophone (Alt. Part Provided)
Woodwind 3: Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone (Alt. Part Provided)
Woodwind 4: Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone (Alt. Part Provided)
Woodwind 5: Bass Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone/Clarinet (Alt. Part Provided)
4 Trumpets (Trumpet 4 Optional)
4 Trombones (Trombones 3-4 Optional)
Slide Guitar (or Violins)
Acoustic Bass
Drum Set

Optional Alternate Parts:
Woodwind 2: Alto Saxophone
Woodwind 3: Tenor Saxophone
Woodwind 4: Tenor Saxophone
Woodwind 5: Baritone Saxophone
Vocal Key: D to Eb
Trumpet 1: Bb5
Trombone 1: Ab4