The Definitive Book on How to Learn to Play Merengue Piano
Carlos Campos
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Edition: Paperback Book & CD Package, Piano

This book is the latest addition to Carlos Campos series of Afro-Latin books for keyboard. Mr. Campos previous books in this genre are Salsa: Afro-Cuban Montunos for Piano (catalog number ACMP-BK/CD), Salsa: Further Adventures in Afro-Cuban Music (catalog number ACMP2), Latin Jazz Piano Vol. 1 (catalog number CCL1), Ultimate Latin Riffs (catalog numbers ULR for piano and ULR-GU, for guitar) and Salsa: Afro-Cuban Montunos for Guitar (catalog number ACMG).

In Merengue Piano Styles, Mr. Campos delves into an aspect of the music of the Dominican Republic called merengue, known for its intricate rhythms and ultra fast tempos. Mr. Campos divides most of the examples in this book into Derecho and Pambiche styles. Selected examples are included in the accompanying CD, recorded at different tempos. Tracks containing bass and percussion only are also included.

While living in Boston, Carlos Campos spent many years studying and performing this particular genre with many merengue bands in the New England area. He later arranged, produced and recorded for several merengue artists. In the past, the only way to learn how to play the different styles of Afro-Latin music was to live in an area where that music genre was already very popular, so that one might connect with as many authentic musicians as possible, learning one pattern here, another there, via a very slow learning process that could take years if not decades to accomplish.

Even though the process of immersing oneself fully and experientially into the musical style of our choosing is absolutely necessary for our musical growth, the need for concise, well-written and organized materials, written by someone who knows and lives this type of music is also essential.