Recorded by Louis Armstrong
Arranged by Russ Garcia, Prepared by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-9930DL


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Edition: Jazz String Orchestra Arrangement with Vocal

Description: Ballad/Spiritual - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Louis Armstrong's 1960 album I've Got the World on a String was made out of a 1957 recording session that saw the iconic singer/trumpeter backed by a variety of different instrumentations, all arranged by Russ Garcia. This tender take on the spiritual Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen sees Armstrong singing and playing the melody over a string section. This is a simple arrangement, but with a talent as great as Armstrong's, it's all that's necessary to make for a timeless performance.

The ending strain of the melody is used as a strings-only introduction before Armstrong sings the melody twice beginning at measure 5. At first, the only supporting cast for Amstrong's voice is a guitar, but the strings gradually re-enter. The volume level during this vocal section should be fairly low, with only a couple occasional swells. A key change to Db occurs at measure 22 sees Armstrong switch to trumpet for a chorus. Garcia's writing becomes a bit more intricate during this portion, as well as a bit louder overall. The arrangement returns to the original key of F for Armstrong's final vocal chorus at measure 38, with the strings dropping out at measure 54 before the introduction and one final "glory, hallelujah" from Armstrong brings things to a hushed and reverential conclusion.

This arrangement is for male vocal/trumpet soloist with string ensemble. The final three measures of the arrangement were not played on the original recording, but have been included if you would like to perform it with your ensemble. In the case that your vocalist is also a trumpeter, we have included cues for the solo trumpet part in the vocal part. Otherwise, the arrangement is scored for a solo trumpet player to accompany the vocalist.

This publication is not a transcription - it has been based on the original set of parts used during the recording session as well as Russ Garcia's pencil score.

Full Score
Solo Trumpet
3 Violins
Piano (Optional)
Drums (Optional)
Vocal Key: F
Trumpet: Bb5