Recorded by the Buddy Rich Orchestra
Arranged by Greg Hopkins, Prepared for Publication by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-7920


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Afro-Cuban/Swing - Advanced

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

First recorded by Buddy Rich on his album The Roar of '74, Greg Hopkins' arrangement of Nutville does an excellent job of giving the Horace Silver classic an appropriate reworking to fit Rich's iconic style. The chart is loud, aggressive, and intense from the first note to the last, with only a few brief moments along the way to let the audience (and band) catch their breath.

Barring a short ensemble fanfare, the tune's introduction consists of the rhythm section playing Silver's original bass line. The melody, played twice, is handled by a trio of trumpet, tenor sax, and trombone, with some ensemble colors being added in on the second pass. The riff at measure 73 recurs at various points throughout the arrangement, but here it functions as a send-off into a tenor saxophone solo.

Following the tenor solo, a quick ensemble flourish ushers the riff back in, this time serving as a send-off for a trumpet solo. The riff returns once more at measure 147, but this time is extended for quite a bit to serve as the underpinning for some challenging contrapuntal lines in the saxophones and trumpets. The entire ensemble gradually builds until measure 171, where they engage in a chorus of back-and-forth barbs with Rich's drums. The melody is repeated one last time, with the introductory fanfare used again as a lead-up to the arrangement's conclusion - a drum cadenza (naturally), followed by one final ensemble blast.

Full Score
2 Alto Saxophones
2 Tenor Saxophones
Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
Trumpet 1: A6
Trumpets 2-4: D6
Trombone 1: C5