Recorded by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass
Arranged by Rob McConnell, Edited by Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-7035


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Audio Sample:

Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Ballad/Swing - Difficult

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

This is quite possibly the best arrangement of this standard ever conceived. Written in 1976 and featured on the Boss Brass album The Jazz Album, this chart is an all-out flugelhorn feature (composed to showcase Guido Basso). Reeds double on 3 flutes, clarinet, and bass clarinet (see below). The arrangement begins as a ballad and halfway through moves to a swing feel and then to a double time swing tempo. Typical of McConnell's writing, this arrangement features gorgeous harmonies, interesting counterpoint, and great rhythmic figures. This is a perfect show-stopper for your flugelhorn player!

Full Score
Solo Flugelhorn (or Trumpet)
Reed 1: Flute/Alto Saxophone
Reed 2: Flute/Alto Saxophone
Reed 3: Flute/Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone
Reed 4: Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone
Reed 5: Bass Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets
2 Horns in F
4 Trombones
Trumpet 1: to E6
Trombone 1: Bb4