For Voice and Orff Instruments – Performance Score
Danai Gagne and Judith Thomas-Solomon
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Edition: Paperback Book

Description: 72 Pages

Organized in two sections:

Section One provides a series of rhythmic and musical preparations in mixed and irregular meters (with emphasis on 7/8, based on excerpts from The Raccoon Philosopher. Ideas are explored for studying specific meters to be moved, played and sung within the mini-musical. Extensions are suggested for other curricular uses under 'interdisciplinary connection.'

Section Two is the complete mini-musical, The Raccoon Philosopher, which embraces mixed and irregular meter concepts, along with playing, singing, moving and creating. This section also includes staging and costuming suggestions, speech play, songs, movement/choreography ideas and Orff orchestrations.

In both sections, true to the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy, it is the authors' intent that the process be engaging and open-ended, and that it be treated as importantly as the materials that are provided. Students and teachers are invited not only to enjoy the mini-musical suggestions, but also to revel in the preparatory work where their ideas may ultimately enhance and enliven the final performance.

- Develop musical skills using recorders and tuned and untuned percussion instruments

- Develop children's voices

- Lively, fun material suitable for performance

- To offer students opportunities to read, explore, move and have experiences with mixed and irregular metres in a playful and engaging way

- To familiarize students with stage terms and vocabulary