Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald with the Count Basie Orchestra
Arranged by Quincy Jones and Frank Foster, Transcribed by Dylan Canterbury
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Cat #: JLP-9653DL


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement with Vocal

Description: Swing - Medium Difficult

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Frank Foster's 'Shiny Stockings' is one of the most memorable hits from the discography of the Count Basie Orchestra. This version, taken from Basie's 1963 collaboration with Ella Fitzgerald, features an arrangement from Quincy Jones that largely mimics but does not completely emulate Foster's original. Fitzgerald herself penned the lyrics.

Just like the original, Basie's piano takes a 6 bar introductory solo before Fitzgerald enters with the melody. For the most part, she is accompanied solely by the rhythm section before the full band enters for the final melody tag at measure 35. The shout chorus is largely copied from Foster's original, with some slightly altered harmonies and rhythms in places. The main difference is Joe Newman's muted trumpet providing some fill-in-the-cracks solos beginning at measure 55.

The shout reaches its classic boiling point at measure 71, with Fitzgerald offering up some brief interjections of the song's title before regaining the melody spotlight at measure 87. The saxes re-enter for the final tagged ending and slightly moody final chord, all kept at a gentle volume level and feel.

There are no saxophone doubles and the vocal key is Bb.



Full Score
2 Alto Saxophones
2 Tenor Saxophones
Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
Vocal Key: Bb
Trumpet 1: E6
Trombone 1: C5