Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and More
Sandy Goldie
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Edition: Paperback Book

Description: 72 Pages

Why do pegs continuously slip or stick making it difficult to tune? Or endpins become stuck or keep sliding down? What about fine tuners that malfunction; strings that break, become false or fray; bows that warp or need rehairing; chin rests that won't stay on; bridges or sound posts that lean or fall; strings that are either so high they injure fingers or so low they buzz? What can be done to prevent wood scratching or cracking or students from getting poor quality instruments that they will struggle to play due to poor set-up or improper sizing? These and countless other questions about purchasing, maintenance, troubleshooting, repairing and storing string instruments are answered in this comprehensive yet concise handbook.

Topics include:

• Purchasing - renting vs. buying; selection of student, step-up and professional instruments and bows

• Instrument Accessories - shoulder pads, rockstops, rosin, stools, cloths, mutes, cases

• Maintenance - temperature, humidity, cleaning/polishing, daily care, periodic/annual maintenance with to-do lists for instruments and bows

• Troubleshooting - slipping/sticking pegs, slipping/sticking pegs, buzzing or rattling, scratches or cracks, scratches or cracks, common problems

• Rehearsal Space - necessary equipment, options you do and don't need, space and layout considerations

• Repair - string replacement, fine tuner repair, bow rehair, peg repair, bridge adjustment, chin rest tightening, emergency fixes

• Sizing - what to measure for each instrument

• Set-Up - bridge, fingerboard, nut, and sound post adjustment

• Tuning - common issues with pegs, fine tuners, replacing bass strings

• Toolkit - what to include