Recorded by the Dave Pell Octet
Arranged by Bob Florence, Prepared for Publication by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-8528DL


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Edition: Jazz Octet Arrangement

Description: Swing - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Bob Florence's take on one of the great standards of the Dixieland era, There'll Be Some Changes Made (from the 1961 The Old South Wails! album), is a quintessential example of the unique sound of the Dave Pell Octet. Light, easy swinging, and compactly constructed, it's a tight, cute little arrangement that virtually codifies the sounds of jazz on the West Coast in the late 1950s-early 1960s.

Beginning with a quick drum solo, the melody is initially handled by the horns in gentle rhythmic unison before splitting into lithe counterpoint at measure 13. Pell's tenor sax gets the spotlight to himself briefly before more unison band melody at measure 29. The next chorus of the tune is split in half between a piano and tenor sax solo, with some simple backgrounds behind both.

The shout chorus at measure 77 does a wonderful job of downsizing and lightening the sound of a full big band by being based around a series of simple yet rhythmically driving riffs. Some more counterpoint at measure 85 eases up the sound even more before the final melody salvo at measure 101. The final few bars of the melody are tagged as an ending, wrapping around some simple drum and piano solo fills before a final climactic rising riff.

This publication was based on the original parts used during the recording session, supplied to us by Dave Pell - this is not a transcription.

Full Score
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet: C6
Trombone: Bb4