Arranged by Roland Vazquez
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Edition: Latin Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Latin - Medium Difficult

Publisher: 3-2 Music

A chamber-style written tenor solo begins this subtle and dynamic concert piece and continues over a low "c" pedal with extended technique elements of key rattling, mouthpiece "slapping", and breathing "in & out" thru the horns. The main ensemble melody is based on a simple ascending motif supported by disparate harmony which later evolves (in the recapitulation) to be quite lush. The ensemble section after the jazz solo(s) has challenging duet type lines with flute, harmon trumpet and bass clarinet. The level of this piece is intermediate to difficult with extra attention necessary to ensemble dynamics, balance, and intonation- while the tenor 1 solo part (written originally for Walt Weiskopf) represents a high level of difficulty. "THE VISITOR" evolved out of an actual waking-dream experience of this music suggesting the arrival of a "teacher," who in this case was bringing a new message or principle - leading to new awareness, and eventual catharsis. Solos: changes for tenor 1, trumpet 2 (flug), trombone 3, guitar, vibes, piano. Doubles: alto 1 on flute, alto 2 on clarinet & flute, tenor 1 on clarinet, tenor 2 on clarinet or soprano, bari on bass clarinet, trumpets 1-4 harmon & cup mutes; tpt 2 flugel for solos. Featured Instrument: tenor saxophone.


  • Trumpet: B5
  • Trombone: Bb4
Full Score
2 Alto Saxophones (Alto 1 Doubles on Flute, Alto 2 on Clarinet and Flute)
2 Tenor Saxophones (Tenor 1 Doubles on Clarinet, Tenor 2 on Clarinet or Soprano)
Baritone Saxophone (Doubles on Bass Clarinet)
4 Trumpets (Trumpet 2 on Flugelhorn for solos)
4 Trombones