The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing
Ed Fuqua
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Edition: PDF with Online Audio, Bass

Publisher: Sher Music Co.

This PDF edition includes a link on the front cover to download the online audio tracks.

An in-depth method book on how to create authentic-sounding walking bass lines, designed for the beginning bassist. Includes many exercises to get any aspiring bass player up and walking on their own, as well as complete transcriptions of every bass note played by swinging NY bassist Ed Fuqua on the accompanying play-along CD. Designed for beginning players or anyone wanting a solid foundation for learning jazz bass.

Contains detailed discussions of:

--the four crucial principles of walking bass line construction
--how to always make good note choices
--tips on creating good time feel
--a dozen additional walking bass techniques, once the basics have been mastered.

Play-along CD has Ed Fuqua and his swinging NY rhythm section playing simple blues and standard tunes. Bass track can be turned off, if desired.

Includes transcriptions of every note Ed plays on the CD, for the student to analyze, play-along with, and use to build a vocabulary of walking bass lines.


"Thoughtfully conceived, informative, concise, and organized with the needs of the young musician in mind." EDDIE GOMEZ (bassist with Bill Evans, Chick Corea, etc.)

"I found this book to be a really well-planned, in-depth and articulate study of the walking bass concept. I recommend this book for those who are searching for the right answers on how to create a strong, solid and confident walking bass line. I am now personally excited to schedule Walking Bassics into my own study rotation." JIMMY HASLIP (bassist with Yellowjackets, Alan Holdsworth, etc.)

"Provides the aspiring jazz bassist with a thorough guide to walking bass lines. This is an in-depth look at the heart and soul of jazz bass playing." JOHN GOLDSBY (bassist and author of "The Jazz Bass Book")

"This is a simple yet thorough book on beginning bass lines. Music is all about group interplay and most accomplished modern improvisers see a performance as a conversation. This book gives beginning musicians some of the basic tools they need to get into that kind of conversation on a deep level. BEN ALLISON (Bassist and Palmetto Records recording artist)

"I call the bass line the bass melody. It is a really important area for all bass players to dig deep into. Ed Fuquas book is an important addition to the jazz pedagogy for bass players. I highly recommend it." MEL GRAVES (bassist with Denny Zeitlin, Mose Allison, etc. Head of Sonoma State Univ. Jazz Dept.)