Recorded by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer
Transcribed and Arranged by Alan Glasscock
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Cat #: LL-2075


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement with Vocal Duet

Description: Swing - Easy

Publisher: Lush Life Music

This is the great Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting version of this classic vocal duet. He wants her to stay, she wants to play hard to get. The chart itself relies on the interplay and chemistry between your two vocalists. The band backings are easy and add just the right amount of punch when needed. In this arrangement the Saxes are all written to play Clarinets, but recognising that not all sax players double Clarinets we have double-sided all of the sax parts, so that one side is as written and the reverse side is scored for a regular sax section.This way you will have more flexibility. The brass ranges are moderate and the chart is very playable and makes a great vocal feature.


  • Trumpets 1-4 C6, G5, F5, F5
  • Trombones 1-4 Ab4, F4, Eb4, Eb4
  • Vocals Female Ab3 - Bb4, Male Ab2 - Eb4
  • Full Score
    Male Vocal
    Female Vocal
    2 Alto Saxophones (opt. double on clarinet)
    2 Tenor Saxophones (opt. double on clarinet)
    Baritone Saxophone (opt. double on clarinet)
    4 Trumpets
    4 Trombones
    Vocal Key: Db
    Female Vocal: Ab3-Bb4
    Male Vocal: Ab2-Eb4Trumpets 1-4 C6, G5, F5, F5
    Trombones 1-4 Ab4, F4, Eb4, Eb4