David Berger
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Edition: Paperback Book

Description: 159 Pages

"In this book we will look at songwriting as well as arranging and orchestrating settings for songs. I’m not a lyricist, and I don’t play a lyricist on TV, but I’ve worked with some great lyricists. I’ll discuss various methods of collaborating as well as construction, word painting and story telling." - David Berger

Note: Volume I also available; please click here to view it.


Creative support for the song AND the singer!

Marilyn Harris on Feb 19, 2019

In his new book author David Berger provides a comprehensive and intensely intimate look at his creative process. The musical samples are invaluable in demonstrating details, from how and why he chooses to restructure the chords in a given leadsheet to how best to reveal the treasures of the lyric. 

Dave's emphasis on the fundamentals of good music-making; structure, textures, integrity as well as charm - are useful reminders to younger writers who may not have grown up with these qualities and standards as part of their music educations. Likewise the basics of show biz; relating to the audience, making it FUN and including everyone in on the joke, as much as possible = all great info worth repeating. 

As a lifelong professional musician, I especially enjoyed the stories of the biz that are peppered throughout the narrative, and I appreciate the conversational style of the writing, with which I've become familiar thru reading Dave's blogposts. His enthusiasm for the subject matter shines throughout the text and is always evident in his superb charts. A unique addition to the arranger's toolbox!