The Syncopated Piano Music of Latin America
Various Composers; Edited by Bill Matthiesen
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Edition: Paperback Book, Piano

Description: 96 Pages

This collection showcases the syncopated piano music of Latin American during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It features Latin rhythms, which are really African rhythms brought to the Americas by slaves and applied to the music of the European colonists. These rhythms are varied and complex and so is their history. Theyve had a widespread and profound influence on the evolution of popular music not only in Latin America, but also in the United States. The most obvious offshoots are the tango in Argentine and Uruguay and most of the other popular dances of South and Central America, as well as ragtime and jazz in the United States. Jelly Roll Morton claimed this "Latin tinge" is the essential element that distinguishes jazz from ragtime. These rhythms are the musical roots of groups like The Buena Vista Social Club.

Includes historic tangos written by Ignacio Cervantes - Cuba, Manuel Saumell - Cuba, Juan Morel Campos - Puerto Rico, Jose Quinton - Puerto Rico, Ernesto Nazareth -Brazil, Tomas Leon - Mexico, Sebastian Yradier - Spain, Eduardo Sanchez du Fuentas - Cuba, Will Tyers - USA, Vincente Greco - Argentina, Anselmo Rosendo (Mendizabal) Argentina, Angel Villoldo Argentina, Eduardo Arolas Argentina, Juan Maglio - Argentina.

Intermediate level.

Adios a Cuba -I. Cervantes
Almendares - I. Cervantes
Carioca - Ernesto Nazareth
Coquetona (Danza) - Jose I. Quinton
Cruz, Perigo!! - Ernesto Nazareth
El Entreriano (Tango) - A. Rosendo
El Esquinazo (Tango Criollo)- A.G. Villoldo
El Panuelo de Pepa (Contradanza)- Manuel Saumell
El Zurdo (Tango) - Juan Maglio
Esta Chumbado -Ernesto Nazareth
Garoto -Ernesto Nazareth
Ilusiones Perdidas - I. Cervantes
l Chicotazo (Tango No. 2) - Vincente Greco
La Encantadora -I. Cervantes
La Isabelita - J. Morel Campos
La Luz Electrica - Tomas Leon
La Matilde (Contradanza) - Manuel Saumell
La Paloma -Sebastian Yradier
La Quejosita - Manuel Saumell
La Reina de las Flores - Tomas Leon
Lamentos de Amor -Manuel Saumell
Laura y Georgina - J. Morel Camppos
No Me Toques! - J. Morel Campos
O Que Ha? (Tango) -Ernesto Nazareth
Por Que, Eh? (Why, Eh?) - I. Cervantes
Que Le Importa a Usted? - Tomas Leon
Quien Sabe -Tomas Leon
Recuerdos de Gottschalk (Contradanza) - Manuel Saumell
Remando (Tango) - Ernesto Nazareth
Suipacha (Tango Milonga) - Eduardo Arolas
Tiene Que Ser (It Must Be) - I. Cervantes
Trocha (A Cuban Dance) - Wm. H. Tyres
Tu (Habanera) -E. Sanchez Fuentes
Vaya Una Pregunta - Tomas Leon
Vitorioso (Tango) - Ernesto Nazareth
Vuelta al Hogar -I. Cervantes
Yo Se Lo Dire a Usted -Tomas Leon