Arranged by William Brian Hogg
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Cat #: W-50298


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Funk - Difficult

Publisher: Walrus Music Publishing

Inspired by bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, this arrangement has plenty of rhythmic syncopation with a funk groove feel. When writing the saxophone section parts and soli, I had the Itchy Fingers Quartet in mind. This chart is perfect if you have a good sax section, funky rhythm section, and you are looking to increase rhythmic accuracy in 16th note patterns. Because of this, I would put this chart at a challenging 5 or 6 difficulty. Lead Trumpet: the last lick goes up to an E6 (above the staff); C6 (above the staff very briefly) but mostly A5 (above the staff). In addition to the sax section being featured there are solos for tenor saxophone and trombone 2 (and/or rhythm section).

Full Score
2 Alto Saxophones
2 Tenor Saxophones
Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
Electric Piano
Electric Bass
Trumpet 1: E6
Trombone 1: A4