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Edition: Saxophone Quintet Arrangement

Publisher: Walrus Publishing

Style:up bop/supersax.5 Saxes: soprano 1, alto 2, alto 3, tenor 4, tenor 5,1 Trumpet or Bb instrument (opt.),1 Trombone (opt.),Piano, Bass, Drums. Soloists: Piano, Drums, and optional from the above. This supersax style chart is based on the transcribed solo of John Coltrane in the classic performance from the Cannonball Adderly Quintet In Chicago recording. The form follows that of the recording except for the final two trade four choruses between Cannonball and Coltrane, which are not included. Coltranes two full choruses and the trade eights solos are harmonized for five saxes. As the original tenor solo is too low for a full section harmonization, the solo is taken up an octave and played on the soprano sax (which is supported by two altos and two tenors). The solo sections featuring Cannonball may be played by any one of the saxes or by the optional trumpet or trombone. This is a great chart, and outstanding showcase for an exceptional sax section. Trumpet to one written B above the staff. Medium Difficult.