An In-Depth Study of Single-Note Lines for Guitar
Randy Vincent
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Edition: Paperback Book, Guitar

Description: 156 Pages

Publisher: Sher Music

Do you wonder why lots of practice on scales and arpeggios hasn't made you feel fluent and creative when soloing? If so, then this book is the missing link for you!

  Line Games is an organized series of practical studies for the development of single-note guitar technique and jazz vocabulary simultaneously.

  Many examples are transcribed from the recorded solos of great jazz guitarists (Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, etc.) and then the book gives you the tools to develop complete fluency in creating similar lines on your own!

Also includes:

  • Basic six-note scales commonly used by the jazz greats.
  • How to use all of the chromatic notes to make playing "inside" the chord changes sound more interesting and melodic.
  • Triad pairs for modern-sounding lines, as used by all the great players from Coltrane on.
  • Exercises that will give you the tools to create many interesting chord extensions from a few simple arpeggios.
  • How to build long lines across many chord changes.
  • How to use thematic development for more cohesive solos.
  • Fingerings often given to aid in getting these lines under your fingers.

Randy Vincent's Line Games is a serious, well-conceived book on jazz guitar. It has a tremendous amount of useful information which can be truly helpful to guitarists seeking thorough knowledge and training in jazz music.”
— Kenny Burrell

This book is probably the most complete explanation of linear improvisation as applied to the guitar that I have come across. Randy Vincent goes into his subjects, which include a novel take on hexatonic applications, chromatic neighbor tones, and various scale forms and arpeggios, with unprecedented thoroughness. It is also refreshing to see the emphasis on thematic development, and I like how some of the great recorded guitar solos are often used as illustrative examples. I highly recommend it.”
— Ben Monder

This book is full of great ideas about a very important subject! It is well organized and the examples are clear and very musical. There is very useful and user-friendly information here that shows the player the concepts behind creating of lines. This book will have players of all levels thinking in new ways.”
— Peter Bernstein

Randy has come up with another Winner. This is one of the most comprehensive studies I have ever encountered concerning single line improvisation!”
— Vic Juris

With all the books on jazz improvisation available I didn't think it was possible to find one that offers a new perspective but Randy Vincent's Line Games does just that. It's a great book! There are many real- world examples of players using the archetypal bebop hexatonic sound and many examples of ways to practice and utilize the sound. In suggesting ways of practicing and using the scale Randy gets you started, but it's up to the reader to strike out on their own — in my opinion the best way to really grasp a sound or concept. There is a whole lot of material here and I'm looking forward to working with it for a long time. Thanks, Randy!!”
— Bruce Saunders

With the plethora jazz guitar books on the market today, one must sort through dozens to find one that yields the results of a tried and true method for learning to play jazz as applied to the guitar. I was pleasantly surprised to find a new book that I feel to have such qualities. This being the jazz guitar book written by Randy Vincent called Line Games for Sher Music Co. Inside, you'll find dozens of examples, explanations, techniques, and the application of the jazz language employed by all the great jazz guitarists we know and love. Great job, Randy!”
— Henry Johnson