Recorded by Freddie Hubbard
Arranged by Don Sebesky, Prepared for Publication by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-7978DL


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Edition: Jazz Studio Ensemble Arrangement

Description: Latin Rock - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Few arrangers have been able to bridge the gap between the artistic and the accessible better than Don Sebesky. His lengthy list of credits speaks for itself, but his arrangements for trumpeter Freddie Hubbard stand out as particularly outstanding. Sky Dive, the title track of a Hubbard album from 1973, is a wonderful mood setter for your star trumpet soloist.

The horn ensemble serves a purely supportive role throughout the performance, offering up warm textures and occasional blunt rhythmic hits to egg Hubbard's fiery trumpet along. Hubbard is not the only all-star soloist on this session, though, as guitarist George Benson, flautist Hubert Laws, and keyboardist Keith Jarrett all get opportunities to shine as well. The entire (lengthy) form of the tune is played three times in total - melody first, a full chorus of Hubbard second, and Benson, Laws, and Jarrett splitting up the third. Hubbard and Laws bring the melody back in at the bridge, with the arrangement building up to a lengthy vamp and fade to wind back down for a conclusion.

Due to the arrangement's unusual instrumentation, we have opted to include alternate woodwind parts to make it more readily playable. These parts include C flute parts to substitute for alto flute, and a baritone sax part to substitute for bass clarinet.

This publication was prepared using Don Sebesky's original pencil score - this is not a transcription.

Full Score
Solo Trumpet
Solo Alto Flute (or C Flute)
3 Alto Flutes (or 3 C Flutes)
Bass Clarinet (or Baritone Saxophone)
2 Trumpets
3 Trombones
Tuba (or Bass Trombone)
Electric Piano
Drum Set
Trumpet 1: G5
Trombone 1: Bb4