Recorded by Jennifer Wharton's Bonegasm
Composed and Arranged by Mike Eckroth
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Cat #: W-65244


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Edition: Jazz Trombone Quartet Arrangement

Description: Salsa - Difficult

Publisher: Walrus Music Publishing

This veritable cornucopia o trombone treasures hits the ground running with Eckroth's BonGasmo. Impressed with the pianist's writing for Orquesta Akokán, Wharton sought out his pen to bring Cuban flair to her book. And with guest percussionist Samuel Torres spicing things up, stratified horn lines soaring across the canvas, and some timba turns in the mix, the composer hits the mark. As for the piece's position in the running order, Wharton is frank about that placement decision: "It was so joyous that I couldn't not open the album with it."


Full Score
4 Trombones
Trombone 1: C5