Recorded by Rob McConnell
Composed and Arranged by Ian McDougall, Prepared for Publication by Fred Stride
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Cat #: W-50839


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Edition: Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Description: Swing - Advanced

Publisher: Walrus Music Publishing

The Pellet Suite is not Rob McConnell's, but the composition of fellow trombonist Ian McDougall. "Ian's one of the great instrumentalists in the band, and now, by virtue of this piece, will be known as a great composer also. He's written many pieces for the band, and this is one that he got carried away with." Rob remembers Ian asking for some score paper, passing over a pad, and later getting it back a complete four part suite. It was originally even longer, then was succinctly edited for this recording. In live performance it still runs another six or seven minutes longer, allowing more freedom for the soloists. It should be explained the ‘Pellet’ is a BB, or a Boss Brass abbreviation. So, the Pellet Suite is a BB Suite, or a Boss Brass suite. A rose is a rose is a rose.

Part 1, No! Not Sir Henry refers to Sir Henry Pellatt, the man who built Toronto's famous Casa Loma in the earlier part of this century. (Glen Gray's Casa Loma orchestra, originally called the Orange Blossoms, took the name in the early thirties, and went on to wide Swing Era fame.)

The original program notes by Ted O'Reilly for the LP release Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass Again Umbrella Records ©1978 have been edited.


Full Score
2 Alto Saxophones (Both Double Flute)
2 Tenor Saxophones (Tenor Sax 1 Doubles Flute, Tenor Sax 2 Doubles Clarinet)
Baritone Saxophone
5 Trumpets
2 Horns in F
4 Trombones
Bass Trombone
Piano (Acoustic and Electric)
Percussion: Vibraphone and Congas
Trumpet 1: G6
Trombone 1: D5