Recorded by Terry Gibbs on More Vibes on Velvet
Arranged by Manny Albam, Prepared by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-7285DL


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Edition: Jazz Saxophone Ensemble Arrangement with Featured Soloist and Rhythm Section

Description: Ballad - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Vibraphonist Terry Gibbs is known for his electric, high energy sound with the Gibbs Quartet and the Terry Gibbs Dream Band. Vibes on Velvet and More Vibes on Velvet show a softer side of Terry Gibbs. Producer Bob Shad had a contract to produce an album with Gibbs. Shad's idea was to feature the vibraphonist with a string section and capitalize on the commercial success that the Charlie Parker with Strings recordings had achieved. Gibbs, never one to copy someone else, convinced Shad that the album should feature himself with five saxophones and a rhythm section with Manny Albam crafting the arrangements. The resulting album, Vibes on Velvet, recorded in 1955, included regular members of the Gibbs Quartet: Terry Pollard on piano, Jerry Segal on drums, and Herman Wright on bass, along with guitarist Turk Van Lake. Commercial success of this album led to the recording of a follow-up, More Vibes on Velvet, recoreded in 1958. This album featured Gibbs with an all-new ensemble, once again relying on the unique arranging style of Manny Albam. The personnel of this recording session was drawn from the Med Flory rehearsal band, with whom Gibbs had been playing. Featured were saxophonists Charlie Kennedy, Joe Maini, Med Flory, Bill Holman, and Jack Schwartz, with the rhythm section of Pete Jolly, Max Bennett, and Mel Lewis. This ensemble became the foundation of the newly-created Terry Gibbs Dream Band.

This publication has been prepared from the original parts as supplied to us by Terry Gibbs. Included are alternate soloist parts for Eb, Bb, and bass clef instruments. In addition, the vibraphone part may be played by any C instrument, making this arrangement playable with any featured soloist.

Full Score
Vibraphone (Or Any C Instrument)
Reed 1: Alto Saxophone
Reed 2: Alto Saxophone
Reed 3: Tenor Saxophone
Reed 4: Tenor Saxophone
Reed 5: Baritone Saxophone
Eb Soloist (Optional Alternate Part)
Bb Soloist (Optional Alternate Part)
Bass Clef Soloist (Optional Alternate Part)