Arranged by Gerry Mulligan, Prepared by Dylan Canterbury, Rob DuBoff, and Jeffrey Sultanof
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Cat #: JLP-7055DL


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Edition: Jazz Tentet Arrangement (8 Horns with Rhythm Section)

Description: Swing - Medium

Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications

Initially introduced to the world in a quartet recording with trumpeter Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan's "Walkin' Shoes" has become one of his better known original tunes. Although this arrangement adds another six horns to the lineup, this chart, when performed, should maintain the airy, light quality of the original.

A quick general performance note - the volume level should be kept fairly subdued. Even sections marked mezzo-forte or forte should be approached with this mentality. This arrangement has a very delicate, chamber music-like quality to it, and should be played accordingly.

The melody begins right in the pickup measure, played by alto sax, two baritone saxes and trombone. It stays mostly unison through the first two A sections, with the rest of the band coming in at measure 9 with a typically Mulligan counterpoint. The trumpets take over the melody for the bridge at measure 17 before handing it back to the saxophones at measure 25.

A two bar break sets up Mulligan's full chorus of baritone saxophone solo at measure 33. The backgrounds are largely rhythmically simple, but weave around one another fairly intricately; each member of the ensemble should be aware of where they fit into this puzzle so as to not step on each others' feet, metaphorically speaking. An 8 bar ensemble shout at measure 65 sets up Chet Baker's 3/4 of a chorus trumpet solo beginning at measure 73, with a slightly more rhythmically complicated set of backgrounds.

The arrangement largely ends the same way it began, with several copied sections from the head in beginning at measure 97. Although there is a sudden swell in volume toward the end, things cut out rather abruptly for a brief Mulligan cadenza, followed by a whisper-soft and slightly sour final chord.

This arrangement is for jazz tentet. An alternate part for 2nd trombone has been included to substitute for horn in F. It is not a transcription - it has been prepared from Gerry Mulligan's original score.



Full Score
Alto Saxophone
2 Baritone Saxophones
2 Trumpets
Horn in F (or Trombone)
Trumpet 1: A5
Trombone: G4